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We build portfolios focused on thematic megatrends

Redefining traditional asset allocation
Investment Approach

At Thematica SA we want to redefine traditional asset allocation based on sectors, regions and value vs growth and instead focus on innovation and disruptive megatrends. We construct research driven portfolios based on these megatrends. We challenge investors to keep pace with innovation.

Disruptive Megatrends

Megatrends are strong, powerful and transformative forces that have changed our economies, societies and how we have lived our lives for centuries. They are reshaping our world and they are key to economic growth. Think about electricity, cars, telephones, internet, social media and now remote work. Our aim is to capture megatrends by identifying the potential for change. When we understand where the world is heading, we can construct well defined themes with unprecedented growth opportunities. 

  • Exposure to breakthrough technologies

  • Access to fast growing companies

  • Uncorrelated returns compared to traditional investment strategies

  • Pure-play stock selection to align the investment with the specific megatrend

  • Exposure to a sustainable future

Note: A thematic investment approach is not for all investors. Anybody with a short-term investment horizon should not consider our investment strategies. Our investment strategies might substantially differ from standard benchmar​ks and can experience periods of high volatility. Longer-term investors could potentially benefit from the attractive growth prospects of the megatrend.

Disruption timeline
Disruptions of tomorrow
Artificial Intelligence
Future Mobility
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Big Data
Smart Cities

Investment Process

Identify powerful and transformative structural shifts in the global economy and the driving forces behind. 
Fundamental and research driven stock selection with a focus on smaller innovative companies.

High-conviction stock selection with a focus on growth-oriented stocks and industry leaders. Evaluate various companies based on our defined key metrics. Portfolio companies should have strong management with an entrepreneurial approach. 

Identify powerful and transformative megatrends in the global economy and the driving forces behind. The megatrend should be narrow enough to be clearly defined yet wide enough to have an investable universe.

Investmen Process

Investment Strategies

Our investment strategies aim to capture megatrends through a well-defined group of stocks that together forms a theme. Common for each theme is focus on fast growing innovative companies with a competitive edge. Our objective is to deliver long-term financial returns to our investors while pivot the world in a sustainable direction. We want to redefine traditional asset allocation based on sectors, regions and market caps and instead focus on disruptive megatrends. We challenge investors to keep pace with a changing world.

​Some of our themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

  • Future Mobility

  • Cloud Computing

  • Digitalisation

  • Cyber Security

  • Payments

  • Renewables

  • Big Data

  • Smart Cities

Investment Strategies

At Thematica SA, sustainable investing is more than just ticking boxes in our investment process, it's in our DNA. Our investment strategies aim to make a meaningful impact and to accelerate the world's transition to a clean and sustainable future.

Ready to become an impact investor today?   

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